Sunday, August 28, 2011

Are You A Shoe Goddess at Heart?

Give a girl the correct footwear and she can conquer the world
-Bette Midler

Of course! What girl(or rather woman) does not agree with that famous line from Bette Midler? I believe with the right pair of footwear, may it be wedges,sky high heels, platforms, a girl has an instant boost of confidence and indeed she can conquer anything. 

I myself is a shoe addict. (Short Story Time ha ha ha!)  When I was younger I went through a boyish phase where I was obsessed with kicks, basketball shoes, running shoes, etc. But as I grew older that's when I started to discover there were more different kinds of shoes than just those kinds. When I had discovered that that's when my love for shoes began.

I'm usually addicted to wedges and boots. Yes, boots. You're probably thinking boots in this hot tropical place that we live in? Well my answer is hell to the yeah.  Since I can't really go out as much because by weekends I usually spend them at home to rest, I started surfing the net looking for a place to buy shoes online that you can sometimes never find in the malls around here. That's when I stumbled upon a multiply site called High Style Fancy.

Online shopping has never been more easier with High Style Fancy. By partnering up with a U.S Based Colleague, High Style Fancy brings us none the less the most fashionable and the best quality of shoes ever.

Ms.Cher Mercene has been operating High Style Fancy for a good deal of time now because she has gained the trust and loyalty of numerous shoe goddesses. The site houses shoes from flats to sky high heels, from wedges to boots, to any style for any occasions at very reasonable prices and a good period of waiting time for pre-ordered  items. For those who are not really in favor for pre-order, don't worry High Style Fancy feels your needs and has already on hand stocks for those shoe goddesses that are in need for a killer pair in no time. 

Want to see the killer shoes in person?  When you either follow High Style Fancy on Facebook or Multiply , the site will give you up to date (and even as well as discounts) on bazaars that they are in to give you the chance to see the and shop for the shoes in person. 

Fan at the High Style Fancy's place at the I'm Shoe In Love Bazaar
Helping Shoe Goddesses finding a perfect pair on July 9&10 at The NBC Tents

High Style Fancy at The Glam Camp Bazaar Organized by ETC, 2nd Ave and Diva Universal, Glam Camp was held on August 6&7 at the Alpha Tents, Alphaland
(Photo Credits To Ms. Cher Mercene)

So what are you shoe goddesses waiting for? Stumble upon High Style Fancy now on Facebook or Multiply can try to find your perfect pair now! Check it , I know I found my pair :) 

Bought my pair of Miu Miu Mary Jane Pumps in gold sunflower printed. All I got to say is I can't wait for my next buy from High Style Fancy. Very very good and quick transaction, awesome seller, and the overall shoe when I received it?  I loved it, all boxed up and everything! 

So all you shoe goddesses out there, don't hesitate to stop by High Style Fancy to find your perfect pair for the coming BER months :) <-- Click it , you know you want to ;) 


  1. I am a shoe addict too. Looks like we have the same story. Lucky that I love in Baguio and almost everyone here wear boots during super cold days.


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  3. oh yay! please do check out this website :) they have some of the most nicest shoes ever, even boots!

    aw baguio great place! i'm pretty sure you have alot also. thanks tootsie jean for stopping by :)

    followed you also tootsie jean hope you'll also follow thanks!

  4. i am indeed a shoe goddess. High style fancy feeds my obsession with her perfect pair of shoes on sale. Grab one for yourselves girls.