Sunday, August 28, 2011

Surrender the Old, Get a Discount on the New

Every Sunday after Mass, I find myself always going to SM (because it's real near our place like around 10 minutes or less) to either just eat out, do groceries, or just walk around and if I have a bit of an extra extra maybe I'd go and splurge on something haha! 

Every time though that I do go to SM I always hope to find something new, or rather see something new instead of a new car in the middle of SM and I always end up thinking to myself how did they get that car inside SM. 

When I went to the lower ground floor of SM, I noticed this (despite the mall show that went on with the cleaning up in the center of the mall, despite the people in line to try to win the lotto), this caught my eye:

The Surrender Your Old Jeans Campaign. And yes, you've read it right. " Surrender any of your old jeans and take 25% on your new pair of jeans" . Ok, I know that everyone in the world likes to see and read "Take this much off your purchase" so you all probably thought that's what caught my attention huh haha , no seriously no it did not. What caught my attention was the tagline above the poster that says " Share for the Less Fortunate, Outreaching to the poorest " . So I went to the stall to find out more. 

A saleslady came up to me and told me what the campaign was all about. And this is what I learned from our around 15 minute conversation:

This campaign that SM Malls are having encourages shoppers to donate any of their old pairs of jeans for the benefit of the DSWD centers and institutions in Batangas.  For any pair surrendered, the customer will get a 20% discount coupon for their next purchase from any of these participating brands : 

  • Bobson
  • Bossini
  • Freego
  • Hammerhead
  • No Fear
  • RRJ
  • Levi's

Everyone will be able to donate their jeans every Friday , Saturday , Sunday until October 9.

So after having that great 15 minutes or less conversation with the sales lady, I think this is a real easy way to help out to the less fortunate for those who want to help out and make a difference. This is a start

I guess moving here to the Philippines did me some good because it helped me open my eyes to many ways that we can help the people that we see here that are in need. So to everyone, please don't pretend that you don't see the many people around us here in the Philippines that need help. We can help them out in so many ways and this is a start. So if you got a ton of old jeans that you don't use anymore, donate them. It will help out another alot. 

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